5 Reasons why you should travel alone

Traveling solo is such a rewarding experience and that is why I want everyone to try it.

I created my top 5 reasons why you should travel alone.

1. You are in complete control of your own trip. You plan your own itinerary and then you can change it along the way. You can’t just change the itinerary if your with a friend or with a group. You would usually need everyone’s approval and some may not like your play so as a result, you would not get a chance to see what you want to see or get the chance to eat what you want to eat.  Going alone will give you the freedom to do what you want and you can try something new everyday without having to beg a travel companion into doing it too.
2. You will meet a lot of new people whether they’re locals or from another side of the world. Getting to know new people is fun and at the same time you’ll learn new things about different lifestyles and cultures. What I personally like about meeting new people is that it helps me learn new things such as new skills, new languages, and helps me see different view points in life.

3. You will learn a lot about yourself. Going alone is an adventure that you will never forget because you’ll do things that you thought you couldn’t  do. For instance, being more spontaneous when opportunities arise. When I went to Playa Del Carmen, someone recommended me to go sky diving. I was contemplating of doing it or not. I was afraid of heights and at that time I wanted to overcome my fear so I eventually did it. It was that moment when I was being spontaneous and was willing to try something new. Overcoming the fear of heights can be emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging. I am proud of myself that I have finally conquer my fear of heights. Now I can go zip lining in Costa Rica or go paragliding in Panajachel!

4. You can accept last minute offer. Since you’re traveling alone, you’ll most likely get several offers from your fellow travelers and locals whether you join them for dinner or play volleyball by the beach. Was perfect about traveling alone is that you don’t have a set plan. You just go with the flow and see what happens. Most of my memorable adventures were unplanned and mainly were last minute offer like going on an atv and horseback riding by the beach at night.

5. You get to observe your inner self and your surroundings more. The perks of being alone is that you tend to have more “me time” and more time for self reflection. This can probably happen when you’re sitting alone drinking tea or maybe when your sitting alone at the beach just looking at the water. You observe your new surroundings  and will result in all kinds of interesting insights about yourself and about the world around you.






2 thoughts on “5 Reasons why you should travel alone

  1. Great first post! It’s informative and engaging, not to mention the fact that it has great images! The only thing that I’d fix is the URL at the bottom of the post. Make it a hyperlink using the link button to something in your post (I suggest: Traveling solo is such a rewarding experience).

  2. I chose to review his blog post because it is the most professional post I have seen compared to the rest of the class. I love your tips and it sounds like you definitely speak from experience, which is one of the main purposes of blogs. I am planning on traveling solo to Europe next year and I will definitely keep these tips in mind. I especially like the 2nd point that you make. That you meet a lot of new people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet traveling alone. I traveled to Bali, Indonesia last year and met a bunch of people who told me about the best places to go in Bali. In turn, they became like my tour guides over the month I was there. I would express the importance of being open to new experiences and most of all be nice to everyone. I liked how you incorporated the pictures because they relate to your topic. I was wondering if those are pictures of your trip. If not, that could be a good suggestion to make viewers really see your travels. As the professor said in the earlier comment, this is a great first post and I love how you express how different the experience is when you travel solo. For me, it was a night and day difference. It forced me to get out of my element, while I was not surrounded by safeguards like my friends and family. It taught me to think on my own and really rely on just myself. I also liked how you did something new that you wouldn’t normally do. You conquered your fear of heights which shows your character. I would suggest that you would talk more about this since this is such a huge factor of why your trip was special to you. I believe that traveling is a rewarding experience, All in all I really enjoyed your blog and this first post especially. Try to take my suggestions and use them to your advantage with your remaining posts. Great work and keep blogging about the experiences of the solo traveler.

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