International recommendation for solo travelers

In order to have a safe and awesome solo travel, I will suggests you to follow these recommendations:

Plan ahead
I highly recommend that you plan your trip with enough time in advance. Even if its only one week or one month, it is important that you give yourself enough time to get enough information about the country. Obtain a lot of information on different destinations and tourists attractions so you can plan the activities, where to stay, what to eat, and what to do during your vacation. If you need help on how to start, feel free to click on the link: How to Plan a Vacation.

ImageTraveling with a group
In addition, you should travel with a group. Yes, it is a solo trip but it does not mean you’ll be alone the entire trip! Traveling with a group is always great, it allows you to meet new people and learn new things about their cultures and experiences. You will not only meet new people but also minimize some costs. I traveled on a budget and sharing costs with new people has definitely helped me save a lot of money. Traveling with a group helps you to guarantee your safety and all the group members. Well it may not fully guarantee your safety but it’s a smart choice to go wandering at night in a new place with a group than go by yourself.

ImageTraveling Documents
Please, do not forget to make copies of all your travel documents before you leave. This is when I say, expect the unexpected when you travel, especially when you’re alone where you don’t have no one to rely on but yourself. When we are on a vacation, we tend to have fun, we get to rest, and be relaxed. Sometimes just because we have that mentality that it’s a vacation, we forget to use common sense and we pay no attention to our personal belongings. I would see tourists leave their personal belongings unattended and I would just shake my head. Why would you do that? Use your common sense like you would do back home.

ImageDebit or credit cards
Do not walk around with all of your money and cards. It’s not a smart choice and I find it completely stupid for someone to do that. I recommend you to carry only the approximate amount of money that you think you will use during the day and the rest should be kept in a safe place. If needed extra money, withdraw from the banks ATMs not ATMs from the streets. I usually go to the bank and use their ATMs but one time I was too lazy to walk several more blocks that I decided to use the street’s ATM in Playa Del Carmen (it was a stupid move). Three weeks later, I found out that someone had stolen my account number and withdrawal 700 dollars. Undoing credit card fraud can give you a massive headache, like what happened to me so I highly recommend that you use the banks ATMs or check that the ATMs are not tainted so you can avoid any case of card skimming.

ImageHotels/Hostels and other services
Safety is the number one priority so find a place that is safe and close to public transportation. When staying at a hostel or a hotel, they usually offer services from a tour operator or a language class. If you have no plan for that day, they would usually have activities like learning how to dance, cook, play basketball, volleyball, tennis, or soccer. ImageContacts
Last but not the least, always keep your important contact numbers with you at all times. Always have your loved ones contact numbers and also the contact number of your Embassy, Consulate and the number of your insurance company.

Happy travels!



2 thoughts on “International recommendation for solo travelers

  1. Some excellent advice here for those who haven’t done a lot of international traveling, but it’s definitely great advice for those who have too! I ALWAYS keep passports/cards in the safe and only carry what I’ll be needing when I go out for the day. A money belt is a great idea too!

  2. I recently went on a vacation through Europe this past summer and I had a blast. I wasn’t traveling alone though I paid to go with a Contiki tour group. It allowed me to pick a destination and not go through all the planning necessary to make the trip enjoyable by myself. Adding people when you travel adds to the experience because you can get other peoples points of view as well as a group prespective. I had a lot more fun when I was with people I was traveling with than I ever did alone wandering through the cities.
    Carrying documentation is a must if you plan on going through different countries because they generally will check your paperwork depending on the port/border, and there is always the possibility that you get “randomly” checked while traveling. Keeping track of your paperwork should also be your number one priority because its a huge hassle to get it back and can potentially leave you stranded in a country.
    When i was traveling through Europe the euro was the mean currency through most of the countries but there are always the independent countries that still maintain their own currencies, so keeping a debit or credit card available was very handy for me. I had to withdrawl more money than i care admit but I was on a vacation…Watch those withdrawl fees they aren’t free like we’re used to in the US they add up quick.
    The benefit of going with a tour group for me was that all our hotels were prebooked and ready for us when we arrived there was no extra set up for me thankfully. I saw many hostels in the major cities that my group went through and they were all crowded, cramped, and very public. You can’t leave anything alone there and execpt it to stay there for long so beware.
    Public transportation in Europe is actually very good, you have no trouble going anywhere as long as you know the stops, I highly recommend it over things like taxis whenever possible.

    I liked your article and the points you made, everyone of them was valid, I just thought I’d add in my two cents.

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