Hotel Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Hi all!

Today I will blog about safety travel tips particularly for women when staying in a hotel. Although I’m usually on a budget and often stay in a hostel, I do have some travel tips when staying in a hotel. Staying at hostels had saved me a lot of money, however I would sometimes get irritated when I had to listen to my hostel roommate snore out loud or smell their stinky feet. This may be the reason why I would stay in a hotel for one night or two, simply cause I want my own privacy or just want my own personal space.

Staying alone in a hotel can sometimes be scary and dangerous for women, but don’t worry, I’m here and will give you some helpful tips that you can use while traveling alone.

If you’re planning on staying in a hotel alone for either just one night, one week or one month, just simply follow these hotel safety tips below, and you should feel as safe as in your own home.

1. Stay in a hotel and not a motel
Motels have consistent floor plan in which the rooms are close into the parking lot. Because of how a property is set up, it’s very difficult to keep a building secure for their guests and also their staff. So it is wise for you to just pay a little extra more money for a hotel room.

2. Stay between the 3rd and 6th floor
I read an article by Cassandra James stating that she makes sure that she request a room on floors 3,4,5, or 6. Her reason was that a safety expert on CNN said most hotel burglaries happen on the first two floors and that a fire truck ladder cannot reach past the seventh floor. Some people chooses to stay in the very top floor for amazing city view but they forget that staying at the highest floor will make it extremely difficult to get down the stairwell quickly, especially if there’s a fire. You may not have the city view from the higher floors but you’ll definitely be one of the lucky ones out in case of an emergency.

Image3.Avoid rooms near the stairs.
If you stay in a room close to the stairs, it makes it easier for anyone to get into your room, belongings and then make a quick escape.


4. Don’t invite strangers to your room
This one does not require a genius to figure this out. Its plain and simple, do not let strangers to your room. Sure they may be nice and friendly but they know that you’re traveling alone and might take advantage of you and do something that you can potentially harm you.

5. Be aware but not paranoid.
Yes, it may be scary to stay in a hotel alone, especially if its your first time but don’t let fear stop you from visiting many beautiful countries. You should be aware of your surrounding, know the hotel staff, and just know what’s going on around you.

The list above should not scare you but should make you feel prepared when it comes to your safety while staying in a hotel.

Happy travels!

Jennifer 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hotel Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

  1. These are some GREAT common-sense tips that I’m sure people hadn’t even considered- myself included. Fortunately, with all of the traveling I’ve done, I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid pick-pocketing and being robbed, but you can never be too careful! I like the last tip a lot too- if you walk around paranoid that you’ll become a victim, odds are that somebody will pick up on it! GREAT post!

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