Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Destination: Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is located within the Riviera Maya which runs from south of Cancun to Tulum. Playa del Carmen’s main tourist activity is located on Quinta Avenida or Fifth Avenue, stretching from Calle 1 norte until Calle 40. Quinta Avenida is basically a pedestrian walkway located just one or two blocks inland from the beach. Quinta Avenida has hundreds of shops, bars and restaurants. So I’m not going to go further into food and lodging because you have a lot of selections to choose from.


Chichen Itza (Day trip)
Chichen Itza was a large pre-Columbian city built by the Maya civilization. Chichen Itza ruins site exhibit’s a large amount of architectural styles that represents the styles seen in all of Central America. Chichen Itza gets thousands of visitors every year and that is why their tour guides are bilingual, they must speak Spanish and another language. It was quite interesting cause when I arrived Chichen Itza, there were tour guides holding a sign according to what language the visitors prefer. Some of their signs says  English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and some I don’t remember. I find it funny cause everywhere we stop and visit a site we would hear another language. At some point it got quite noisy, which was annoying. Chichen Itza is a beautiful Maya city but I personally thought that it was too crowded. And I met several people in another country that felt the same way. Hopefully the government would form a regulation that limit’s the crowd that visits Chichen Itza.


Chichen Itza. Simply beautiful. Too bad I couldn’t take a nice solo picture of the ruin without other people in it :/


Merida (Day Trip)
I stayed at Merida for 6 days but if you have limited time, you can take a day trip here. Merida is the capital of the Mexican State of Yucatan and largest city of the Yucatan Peninsula. 60% of the Maya ethnicity lives in Merida and actually has the highest percentage of Mayans out of all the largest city in Mexico. I think this is the reason why the city is so appealing to me because they have preserved their unique culture and has several historic buildings. I would highly recommend if you go in Merida for the all-day fair every Saturday and Sunday.


Palacio de Gobierno


This photo doesn’t give much justice on how gorgeous the streets are in Merida.


Punta Venado
Punta Venado is an eco-park/resort and there’s not a lot of people there so that simply means no crowd. Punta Venado tours include snorkeling, caves, cenotes, and ATV. In addition, if you book one of the excursions, you can enjoy the beach club all day long, including the restaurant and bar, swimming, and more. If I had enough time, I would’ve stayed longer.

Have you guys seen the Corona commercial ad where one shot was taken on a plane and the other one was at a Caribbean? Well it was taken here!


Horseback on the beach 🙂


Coco Bongo
Coco Bongo Club is one of the most popular  nightclub in Yucatan. There’s one in Cancun and one in Playa Del Carmen. I was skeptical of going because the admission was $US60 dollars. Quite expensive right? Anyways, because people recommended it I decided to check it out. $60 dollars may be a lot but come to think about it, the price includes admission and open bar. There’s I believe 30 acts/performances and I must say, I enjoyed all of it. It was quite amazing but the lip synching was sometimes off, but it was forgivable.


Next stop, BELIZE!

Happy travels,

Jennifer 🙂


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