Social Media Marketing

My final research paper will be about the importance of social media marketing. Social media is so important to large companies that they are willing to spend millions of dollars to hire reputed agencies to handle the marketing of their business. I will mainly write about the importance of social media to every business. Every company, large or small, should enter the world of social media. A simple website is no longer enough, they must do more than just one website to promote their business. Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Trip Advisor can not only increase reliability and build the image, but also effectively increase revenues and increase the number of customers.

Social media marketing is actually one of the most trending topics in online marketing today and people take it for granted and some businesses don’t even use these tools to make a better marketing strategy. I believe that all business should take advantage of the social media especially small businesses that are just starting. If they want their names to be out there, social media marketing is an easy tool to spread positive word of mouth not just locally but around the world. Social media may have its positive benefits to every business but it can also hurt them. Since social media is out there, businesses are more open to reviews whether it be good or bad. And some customers make their decisions based on some of the reviews online. So social media marketing is crucial in most company and that is why I’m not only going to write about the positive benefits but also the negative effects that is has for every company.



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